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Drip Pot 480ml (-18)

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Cloth filters for a pure coffee taste. The fine and delicate cotton flannel filter allows for slow extraction of coffee, making sure you never have to compromise on the acidity, bitterness, and flavour of your bean's original characteristics. Experience your coffee's rich taste from the coffee oils, which is an advantage of the cloth filter method.

COLOUR: Natural Wood SIZE: W95 × D95 × H168mm / W110 × D110 × H195m CAPACITY: 1-2 cup / 1-4 cup WEIGHT (INCL. INDIVIDUAL BOX): approx. 300g / 400g MATERIALS: POT: Heatproof glass CLOTH FILTER : Cotton flannel RING : Stainless steel STRING : Leather HANDLE, GRIP, STRING STOPPER : Natural wood POT, CLOTH FILTER: MADE IN JAPAN OTHER PARTS: MADE IN VIETNAM



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