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Slayer Steam LP (3 group)

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The Slayer Steam LP provides access to easy manual pressure profiling and excellent espresso extraction.

Volumetric outputs are easily repeated by “recording” recipes as you dial in––you can then “playback” the same consistent shot all day using the paddle actuator. This machine provides baristas with advanced-level brewing techniques and easy repeatability, which we believe makes it the baristas dream machine.

The Slayer Steam LP includes a polished stainless steel body and glossy ink wings for the sleekest look on your bar. This machine allows for a dynamic change in espresso flavor profile and allows for a much finer grind with the pre-infusion.

  • Pre-Infusion; up to 10 seconds. You are able to set at line pressure or below for a soft pre-infusion.
  • Paddle actuators have 2 volumetric settings per group.
  • Manual button: once pressed you can enter manual mode.
  • Quick calibration option: when in the manual mode you can press the button again and tell the LP the volume to quickly calibrate your flowmeter.
  • Adjustable drip tray and shot lights.
  • Shot timers, brew temperatures, show volume in grams, shot counters, quick clean, and full clean cycle.
  • Password protection option.
  • Hot water dose (2 presets).
  • Easy touch steam wands.


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