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Teapot "Zen" 300/450ml by HARIO

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The Teapot "Zen" has been designed for ease of use. With this heatproof glass teapot, you can enjoy the Japanese-style green tea, for a moment of rest in your day.

The large tea strainer matches the shape of the glass, allowing the tea leaves to expand easily, and extract their delicious taste. The shape of the teapot allows for an easy pour, down to the last drop.

COLOUR: Clear, heatproof glass
SIZE: W156 × D110 × H90mm / W168 × D120 × H100mm 
CAPACITY: Practical capacity 300ml / 450ml
WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 300g 

   Glass Pot, Lid: Heatproof glass
   Strainer: Stainless steel


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