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SmartG Electric Handy Coffee Grinder

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A compact, portable coffee mill. This coffee mill has a clear body, allowing you to see the beans at a glance. The handle slots into the band for easy storage. The burrs are washable.

Size: W59 × D53 × H332mm Capacity: Coffee grounds 24g Material: Handy Coffee grinder・Holder Grinder: ABS resin Charging jack lid: Silicone rubber Socket: Steel Protective film for screen: PET resin Holder: PMMA resin Coffee Mill Handle grip: Polypropylene Lid, Hopper, Outer burr stopper, Ground coffee bottle: Methacrylate resin Handle, Shaft, Spring, Grind adjustment nut: Stainless steel Washer, Shaft cover, Inner burr holder, Grind adjustment knob: Nylon Band/Silicone rubber Burr: Ceramic Made in China



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