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Coffee Syphon "Technica" 5 Cup

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The Hario 5 cup Coffee Syphon Technica is a wonderfully impressive visual spectacle (also known as a vacuum pot coffee maker) that makes deliciously clean coffees. With a little experimentation and practice you will soon be skillfully brewing coffee guaranteed to impress. Made from high quality heat resistant glass and a strong sturdy base, the Hario Coffee Syphon Technica is guaranteed to give you years of coffee syphoning and drinking pleasure.

Syphon coffee brewing is known for produce smooth cups of coffee and is a truly unique preparation method. The Hario Technica 5-Cup Coffee Syphon requires no electricity and is designed to resist rapidly changing temperatures and thermal shock up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. The syphon can be used with gas stoves and can brew up to 20 oz of coffee at once. Includes and alcohol burner, a reusable, washable cloth coffee filter and measuring scoop.



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